What Our Students have to Say

I would highly recommend ISM to anyone wanting to meet new people, deepen their faith and step outside of their comfort zone. You get to experience culture with the most gracious and encouraging mentors. You have the chance to grow your biblical knowledge through courses with fantastic speakers. And after a month of training and fun moments, you go out into South East Asia for an internship and use everything you’ve learned. You will grow in ways you didn’t expect. You will learn things about yourself. You will make lifelong friendship. And best of all you get a chance to meet God in a different setting than your home country.

- Hannah Koch, ISM Intern January 2019

God has used the ISM experience to change my life. God planted the desire in my heart to “GO” and then provided the ISM program as an avenue to make my dream of serving Him a reality. If you feel the call to go then ISM will prepare you for serving God effectively, as well as, support you through your internship period.

- Ryan Persaud, ISM Intern January 2018

Evie Jenner.jpg

ISM was the best decision for myself in terms of faith, personal development and learning. The course is designed perfectly to equip and prepare you for your internship and the support from the leaders is wonderful. Couldn’t recommend ISM enough. If you’re thinking of doing, do it!

- Evie Jenner, ISM Intern January 2019

In a period of my life where I didn’t know which way to turn, which direction to take or where God wanted me, I heard about ISM. ISM taught me to step outside of my comfort zone and to be okay walking in the unfamiliar. Not only did I grow mentally and spiritually but I also made a second family. My fellow interns loved on me and treat me like family. We had a blast spending our first month walking in the unfamiliar together. We learned together, grew together, worshipped together and definitely laughed together. My internship itself taught me how to serve wholeheartedly and how to give my entire life over to Gods hands. I will be forever grateful for the experience, the lessons learned and the friendship I made in South East Asia. I highly recommend ISM for anyone.

- Zach Skemer, ISM Intern, January 2018

Morgan Izatt.jpg

ISM is an amazing program . It will stretch you and grow you. You will make friendships and learn a lot about yourself and the world around you . You will go in one person and come out transformed and changed. 

- Morgan Izatt, ISM Intern, January 2019