LAC Internship Opportunities 

Ray and Margi Bradbury - Buenos Aires, Argentina -church ministry, including, but not limited to, children’s ministries, youth ministries, social outreach programs, and street ministries

Peace House - Bogota, Colombia- children’s ministries mentoring underserved children, working with short term outreach teams and/or their Community & Medical Outreaches when they coincide with their internship.   Spanish to start off.


Oto and Liz Perez - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - working with two local, vibrant Dominican Churches, one in Sosua, the other in Puerto Plata.  This involves a variety of ministries including, but not limited to, children’s ministries, youth ministries, social outreach programs, and street ministries


Schools of Hope - Kathy Mizen, Dale & Carolyn Ruttan - Tegucigalpa, Honduras. - children's ministries - teaching bible classes and discipleship programs in public schools, leading and preparing curriculum, working with nationals, assisting our ChildCARE Plus sponsorship program, tutoring Program - helping to establish this program in the community, training tutors, working with CCP children, General - a little bit of everything in the ministry - administration, finances, help with children's ministries, a feeding program and projects.

Michel and Louise Charbonneau - Port a Prince Haiti - working with a church and school in a variety of ministry opportunities including the meal program for children, helping the thirty-one teachers and staff members at our Child Care Plus school, and working with the over 500 students from kindergarten to grade 8.  As well, you will be helping with the many ministries of the local church, including outreach programs to the neighbouring communities. Basic French language ability preferred.


Ryan and Heather DeWeerd - Nagua, Dominican Republic - work with local pastors and churches in both rural and urban environments helping in numerous ministry opportunities, Helping with the Child Care Plus program in the community of Los Rincones, running Girls of Destiny and Boys of Valour programs in different communities, providing English as a second language programs, teaching English in two local private schools, running after school sports programs, helping with humanitarian programs including, but not limited to, a trade school, a recycling program, and construction of homes.

Gary and Kathy Heinrichs - San Jose, Costa Rica - build relationships with local pastors, global workers and local church congregations. Working with local churches to reach the marginalized; to help train, equip and encourage pastors and leaders. Help to establish relationships with Indigenous people groups, where many are open to the gospel message. Work closely with Indigenous pastors to reach their communities for Christ through a variety of church ministries

 Nelson and Lisa Monteiro -  João Pessoa, northeastern Brazil, working with Institute One27 -  a local church based institute that works to bring holistic transformation to children and families in needy communities. The Institute also equips young Christian university students and professionals with a Christian worldview to impact society and to be God's agents of transformation through their vocations.

Scott and Melissa Williams - King's Castle - El Salvador - help reach, disciple and send out children and youth to the nation, help with the King’s Castles Department of Economics & Practical Business Training.


Hector and Ruth Aragon - Guatemala -  help with evangelism and administration for ChildCARE Plus in 17 schools in Guatemala. Translate, print and promote a Sunday School Certificate Program, Train pastors and their leaders with a discipleship program, Help the CCP schools close the three-year gap for preparing students for the William Cornelius Vocational School, Promote the need for more child sponsors.

Cartland Palmer - Jamaica - help in skills training to young men and women in and around their community in fields such as welding, electrical services, cosmetology, computer repairs, and web page design. Work closely with The Heart Trust (a government sponsored skills funding program), the local District of Churches as well as other community groups and leaders. Interns serve as administrative assistant doing filing, writing cheques, and other clerical duties and assist instructors and do devotional exercises with trainees.

O.L.A Ministries  - Talamanca, Costa Rica  Age: 18+ - High School Diploma required, with Bible Knowledge. Intern should be a physically fit person that is able to work in hot and humid conditions. Youth and children's ministry, including mountain hiking, women’s ministry, crafts, and teaching skills to girls and women.  


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