Eurasia Training Session Costs


All fees are in Canadian dollars.

1.Training Session: $900 


2.Training Session Accommodation: $650

3. Professional development: $420 (this includes language training, translator pay during ministry opportunities, cultural immersion, ministry travel/trips, etc)

TOTAL: $1970  

4. Application Fee - $150

5. Placement Fee - $200 (this will be deposited in your personal budget)


6. Internship Costs

After you are accepted, ISM will provide you with a budget to raise for the interning/serving session that is tailored to you. ​These costs vary depending on your internship location.

Information Regarding Charitable Receipting
The PAOC is able to issue charitable receipts for donations made by Canadian donors, once your account with the PAOC is set up. Further details are included in the Acceptance Package.


Charitable receipts for American Donors are receipted through RPEC, our funding conduit in the USA.


Information for Current College/University Students
If you are planning to complete your formal internship through ISM, your school may keep all of your financial records, sending the appropriate fees to ISM. In this case, charitable receipts will be issued by your college/university.


If you have any questions regarding payment of fees/housing, email  All other questions regarding school information should be directed to



Curriculum Approach

FOUR WEEKS - FOUR MODULES: (once the training month is completed, you begin your internship)

At ISM, classes are taught by a seasoned team of global workers from a variety of organizations. Built into class time is the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, and will experience what it feels like to explore, engage, and serve in a new culture. The ISM curriculum and internship program satisfy at least 400 hours of the internship required by most colleges/universities.

Areas of Study
Each week of the in-class phase focuses on a different aspect of serving cross-culturally. This supports development of a holistic foundation while living in the ISM community, before being launched into your internship. 


Week 1 - Culture - addresses culture shock and stress, how to work in a new culture, and specific cultural differences that will be encountered.  This week will stretch your understanding of what culture is, and forces you to consciously consider how to positively interact as global workers representing Christ. 


Week 2 – Holy Spirit - focuses on learning how to partner your passion with that of the Holy Spirit. You will learn how to live supernaturally, understand the Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit, and grow in awareness of, and appreciation for the character of God. 


Week 3 – Personal - will help you to get your life in shape physically, spiritually and emotionally. You will learn how to get along with others, discover your giftings, and maximize your time alone with God. 


Week 4 – Ministry - will give you opportunities to learn specific ways of serving and encouraging others with excellence, working with different types of leaders, supporting different types of ministries. Experts will share their experiences and insights with you.


There are no tests at ISM.






Reading List

Required Reading

Desiring the Kingdom - James K. Smith
A Public Faith - Miroslav Volf
Help, Thanks, Wow  - Anne Lamott
Simply Jesus - N.T. Wright
A work of fiction of the student's choosing

When Helping Hurts - Steven Corbett & Brian Fikkert 
Serving With Eyes Wide Open - David A. Livermore
Unearth: Exploring A Land With No Name (Re-entry) - Christy Vidrine & Autumn Rogers

Recommended Reading:

The End of Leadership - Barbara Kellerman