Eurasia Internship Opportunities

Ephesus, Turkey (Oasis): refugee work, community relationship building, worship in international church, one to one meetings 

Oradea, Romania (Abolishion): Anti-Human Trafficking work: event and team planning and coordination, work skills training for former prostitutes, awareness raising in schools, events, churches, administration

Ukraine - Corey Gilmour -Chi Alpha-helping (student/campus ministry) -  Help with small groups and discipleship-outreach, English clubs, and events
- opportunity to preach at student service


Kiev, Ukraine (Envision Ukraine): Youth Ministry outreach, youth ministry content and media creation, teaching English

L'viv, Ukraine (L'viv Theological Seminary): teaching English, evangelism preparation and training, children's ministry preparation, working with students

Bratislava, Slovakia (Bratislava International Fellowship): pastoral intern, social ministry coordinator, next generation outreach, international outreach, refugee work


Paris-  Peter & Pat DeWit- - Eglise Implosion - church planting, children, worship, evagelism



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