Eurasia Internship Opportunities

Ephesus, Turkey (Oasis): refugee work, community relationship building, worship in international church, one to one meetings 

Oradea, Romania (Abolishion): Anti-Human Trafficking work: event and team planning and coordination, work skills training for former prostitutes, awareness raising in schools, events, churches, administration

Ukraine - Corey Gilmour -Chi Alpha-helping (student/campus ministry) -  Help with small groups and discipleship-outreach, English clubs, and events
- opportunity to preach at student service


Kiev, Ukraine (Envision Ukraine): Youth Ministry outreach, youth ministry content and media creation, teaching English

L'viv, Ukraine (L'viv Theological Seminary): teaching English, evangelism preparation and training, children's ministry preparation, working with students

Bratislava, Slovakia (Bratislava International Fellowship): pastoral intern, social ministry coordinator, next generation outreach, international outreach, refugee work


Paris-  Peter & Pat DeWit- - Eglise Implosion - church planting, children, worship, evagelism



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Training Months

TBA 2018

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"I would suggest ISM to anyone who wants to see God do something amazing.  I don't want to forget anything I've learned here.  I had an experience with God and the Holy Spirit like I've never had before and I look forward to taking all I've learned back home with me."  Jake O'Donnell 01.16

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"ISM has stretched me, empowered me, inspired me and equipped me with the tools needed to chase after God with my whole heart. I've learned that even the most ordinary people can do extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God if they step out in faith. ISM has blessed me in countless ways and is the best preparation for anyone who is seeking to serve." Tessa Markam 01.16 

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