Impact School of Missions Costs

(All amounts are in Canadian dollars)

Application Fee  $150

Placement Deposit  $200 (deposited into your personal account, applied against program fee)

Program Fee:  $1200 (this includes language training, cultural immersion, ministry travel, ISM meals, accommodations)

Payment 1 of $600 due 6 weeks prior to arrival at ISM.

Payment 2 of $600 due 4 weeks prior to arrival at ISM.

*NOTE: we suggest you also have $500 in your personal account to cover food and travel outside of the ISM schedule.





Cost of Internship: Costs vary depending on internship location and length, but often under $1000/month total.


Charitable Receipting
The PAOC is able to issue charitable receipts for donations made by Canadian donors through the account you will have with the PAOC. Charitable receipts for American Donors are receipted through RPEC, our funding conduit in the USA.

Information for Current College/University Students
If you are planning to complete your formal internship through ISM, your school may keep all of your financial records, sending the appropriate fees to ISM. In this case, charitable receipts will be issued by your college.



If you have any questions regarding payment of fees/housing, program information, etc, please email 




All ISM classes are taught by a seasoned team of global workers from a variety of organizations. Built into class time is the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning in order to experience engaging and serving in a different culture. The ISM curriculum and internship program satisfy at least 400 hours of the internship required by most colleges/universities. Upon completion of the ISM Training Course participants will receive a Certificate from the GlobalEd Institute at Summit Pacific College. 

Course Descriptions

ISM 101 - Knowing and Loving God

This course represents the foundation upon which a Christian leader builds their ministry. A basic understanding of the triune God is presented as well as how to have an ever-deepening relationship with him. The attributes of God the Father, the person and work of Christ the Son, and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit are outlined with a strong emphasis on Scripture as the informing source of our knowing God. Who we are as human beings in relation to God is also covered. The importance of loving God is stressed with practical suggestions on how to grow in the grace and the knowledge of God.

ISM 102 - Introduction to Cross-Cultural Life and Service

This course presents a general introduction to the principles and process of effective cross-cultural life and service. The course provides an understating regarding the essential components of culture and the communication challenges that arise in cross-cultural contexts. Cultural attitudes, worldviews, values and ways of life will be examined to facilitate understanding of interpersonal relationships. Strategies will be identified for fruitful communication of the gospel, disciple-making, preaching and teaching among people of different cultures. 

ISM 103 - Life and Ministry in the Spirit

This course is focussed on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. It presents a biblical foundation for understanding who the Holy Spirit is as a distinct person of the triune God. The Spirit’s work in propelling followers of Jesus into mission with God including the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a key focus given its importance for ministry. The fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirt are presented. The work of the Holy Spirit in spiritual warfare and power encounters is identified. 


ISM 104 - Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

This course is a course on godly character development, an essential requirement for effective life and service on mission. The topic of character development will be considered from a holistic perspective with the goal of personal integrity, wholeness and consistency between word and actions, as our greatest aspiration. Identification of godly virtue and the work of God’s grace to weave these into our live is essential. Character and perosnal development starts with self awareness and so opportunity will be provided so students to discover their personality strenghts and gifts and how to best use these to collaborate more effectively with others.  

ISM 105 - Leadership that Serves

In this course the basics of leadership will be presented beginning with a discussion on the practice of self-leadership. The heart of servant leadership will be described based on the leadership model of Jesus. The spiritual disciplines that facilitate the development of authentic, transformational, servant leadership attitudes will be explored. Best practices for leading others will be highlighted to equip students for leadership roles in their respective contexts. A model for building healthy leadership teams for purposeful ministry will be presented as well as the basic skills for facilitating small groups.


ISM 106 - Context for Service - SEA

This course serves as specific preparation for a mission internship in the South East Asia region by describing and explain the context for service. An overview of mission related history, demographics, trends and challenges will be provided focusing on the work of the PAOC in the region. This will include a raising of awareness of national and international partners and what has been learnt over the years about the best ways to collaborate on mission with SEA global workers and national partners.


ISM 107 - Contextual Mission Strategies - SEA

This course serves as specific preparation for a mission internship in the South East Asia region by describing and explain the missional strategies that have seemed to be the most fruitful. Within the broader mission priorities (Reaching, Planting, Equipping and Caring) there are specific expressions of the approaches that have been particularly fruitful in the region or that are emerging as strategic initiatives for the region. A selection of these will be highlighted to help shape an understanding of the relationship of ministry approaches and programs to the regional vision and strategy. 

ISM 108 – Social and Spiritual Issues - SEA

This course serves as specific preparation for a mission internship in the South East Asia region by describing and explain the social and spiritual issues of the region. Each regional and culture of the world manifests its distinct spiritual darkness. These strongholds are precisely what the gospel seek to transform. People on mission need to be aware of these spiritual and social issues so that they distinguish them from the more neutral cultural aspects of society and see them for what they are; darkness that is in need of the light.